Frequently Asked Questions



What are the differences between solid top and laminate top guitars?

Solid-top guitars use one piece of wood for the top (soundboard) of the guitar. Laminate guitars use a mixture of woods combined as a mesh. The top of the guitar is the vital component for generating sound, vibrating as a string is plucked. With solid-top guitars, the more this soundboard vibrates, the more this single piece of wood adapts and 'opens up' which improves the quality of sound as the guitar ages over time. This is not the case for laminate guitars which have more rigid tops and thus do not experience this improvement in sound quality. For serious guitar enthusiasts, it is a must to own a solid-top guitar.


Which Altamira guitar model is best for a beginner?

The Altamira Basico is the ideal guitar for a beginner. This entry level model is a solid-top, high quality guitar which will 'open up' and improve its sound the more it is played.


Do Altamira make acoustic (steel string) guitars?

Altamira do make steel string guitars however the current focus is on the Altamira nylon string range. We do currently have gypsy jazz acoustic guitars available. For the full range see here. It is possible to order in a steel string Altamira guitar (with a 1-2 week shipping time). 


Where are Altamira guitars made?

Altamira guitars are hand crafted in a workshop in Guangzhou. This factory is set-up to mimic traditional Spanish style guitar workshops. Altamira guitars obey Spanish construction methods that deliver consistent, high quality instruments at great value. Click here to see a video of an Altamira guitar being made.


What is your return policy?

If under the unlikely circumstance you are not satisfied with your purchase, Altamira Australia will happily offer a full refund (excluding postage) if returned within 30 days from delivery as long as the instrument has not been damaged and we are satisfied it is in its original condition. 


Do you wholesale guitars to music stores/schools?

Altamira maintains relationships with major guitar retailers around Australia as well as partnerships with several educational institutes. If you would like to discuss the opportunity to stock Altamira guitars please contact


Can I try out Altamira guitars before purchasing?

Absolutely (if you live in Melbourne). Altamira is currently based in Melbourne, with showrooms in South Yarra and Melbourne CBD. We are also stocked at leading instrumental retailers - where to buy.

Please contact to book an appointment to give all of our guitars a play!